Our Approach

We are fast becoming the leading provider of explosive detection dog handler teams across the UK.

GSS provide highly trained explosive detection dog teams to support the Home Office, Police and private sector.

We respond swiftly, carry out a full search of the location using our highly trained bomb dogs, remove the threat and allow staff back into the workplace as soon as it is safe to do so. This operation reduces disruption and loss of revenue.

Following an initial Risk and Threat Analysis, we provide recommendations on measures we consider should be implemented. This might include routine of random sweeps by our specialised unit of explosive detection dogs and bomb dogs.

Planned proactive searches are then carried out on a routine or random basis using our highly trained teams of explosive detection dogs and their handlers. We sweep areas for the presence of explosive materials and provide a high profile deterrent. Reactive searches are targeted to counteract specific threats. These are carried out when intelligence indicates a heightened threat or in response to a tangible threat.

Our bomb dog handler teams are trained on all live explosive substances including those highlighted by the Home Office as being ‘live threats’.

The cost of our retained service is often offset by reductions in insurance premiums. We provide demonstrations of our dog handler teams and their capabilities at our training facility or at a client’s premises. 

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The Benefits
  • Maximum one hour response time within the UK (subject to contract)
  • Reduced likelihood and impact of terrorist activity
  • Reduction in operational “down time” in the event of a threat
  • Reductions in insurance premiums
Case Study
B&Q Plc
London (Various locations)

We are retained to provide terrorism risk assessments and a proactive canine explosives detection service to B&Q stores across the UK.

B&Q are extremely pleased with the ethos, professionalism and competence displayed by GSS, its management and their staff. The delivery of service is micromanaged whilst communication is constant and clear. Importantly for B&Q, we feel GSS have mitigated any perceived risks, keeping our customers, colleagues and stores safe

Head of Asset Protection
B&Q Plc