Our Approach

To compliment our RST, we provide a holistic service using our physical security experts, who will conduct an initial security risk assessment of clients homes in order to establish any existing weak points and then design a bespoke package including alarms, perimeter intruder detection and CCTV to supplement and support the RST.

We can provide screening and vetting services to our RST clients were we carry out background and security checks on domestic staff and suppliers of services.

The skill and experience of our teams, across a range of security measures, ensures we can minimise costs and achieve excellent value for money for our clients. 

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The Benefits

Protection from:

  • Physical threat and harm
  • Abduction
  • Unwanted media coverage
  • Absolute confidentiality and discretion
  • Sensitive and intelligent officers matched to the requirements of the people in their care
  • Provision of secure, executive transportation where required
Case Study
Andy Carroll
United Kingdom

This assignment involves ensuring Andy' estate is secure, liaising with his CP team and protecting his family, friends and associates. Working with the local police, we have supported a number of arrests, threats, media intrusions and unwanted attention from over-zealous fans. Our role is to provide physical protection, maintain image and reputation whilst securing the assets belonging to our client.

“When I arrived in the North West, I was introduced to GSS through the Club. They assessed the threats, introduced me to the city and provided me with on-going residential security which has been of great benefit to me. The risks from the media, public and occasionally myself, have all been dealt with in an appropriate manner”.