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A break for motorists from CCTV enforcement vehicles?

It’s not enough that you will get a parking tickets for over staying in an allotted parking space, entering bus lanes, parking on double yellows etc. We’re also faced with over-zealous enforcement practices by using mobile CCTV cars too. Thankfully, the government seem to want to give drivers a break and have reigned in the use of such vehicles.

It’s difficult enough to park in city centres as it is…and very expensive! No doubt this will be welcomed by all motorists…what do you think?

“CCTV spy cars can be seen lurking on every street raking in cash for greedy councils and breaking the rules that clearly state that fines should not be used to generate profit for town halls. “Over-zealous parking enforcement and unreasonable stealth fines by post undermine the high street, push up the cost of living and cost local authorities more in the long term. “Today the Government is taking urgently-needed action to ban this clear abuse of CCTV, which should be used to catch criminals, and not as a cash cow.”…