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A ‘Mickey Mouse’ Story….

Daily Mail at it’s best!
An old story reinvented to ensure they get an animal story in their paper.
Mice are of course able to be trained, they are also smaller, more nimble and cheap to run. None of this is relevant if they are going to be trapped in a cage and sat next to the passing luggage. For this purpose, we are not going to move away from Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) technology – why would we? Scientifically proven with an excellent track record, it would make no sense to change to explosive detection mice in cages. In fact, it’s a ridiculous idea and story.
I’d advise the Daily Mail to stick with pictures of pandas in Edinburgh or saving bears in the Far East.

Sniffer mice could be used in airports around the world to search for explosives in airport baggage. An Israeli security company has trained the rodents to alert guards when they detect explosives, and believe they are more effective than human or dog testing. Airport’s could soon be adopting the furry animals as their front line of security should the proposals by X-Test be adopted.…