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QR codes have been around for a number of years now, with various applications. From loyalty cards to website links, they’re a quick, convenient and efficient way of obtaining information. 

QR codes work in a very similar way to barcodes insomuch as they are a machine-readable image that can be easily scanned through the use of a smartphone. The series of small black squares hold information that is read by the scanner which then directs you to a website or document. GSS have designed a unique use for the QR code which incorporates two very different approaches… 

The first is compliance:

How does a client conduct due diligence on a dog team without the need to carry around a microchip reader? How do they know that the dog sat in front of them is the right dog? Is it trained and does it belong to this particular handler?

The answer to all of these questions sits behind the new GSS QR code dog tag, being launched in the coming days. Each GSS dog will be issued with a unique QR code that is attached to the dog’s collar. Anyone can scan the code, using a smartphone which then opens a document detailing all essential information about the dog. This includes name, breed, discipline and most importantly distinguishing marks and features, linked to a series of photographs of the dog. The document includes the SIA number of the handler which can be checked against the physical licence carried. 

The second is engagement

We want our clients staff and their visitors/customers to get to know our four legged friends! Of course, we wouldn’t be GSS if we didn’t try to push the boundaries slightly, so we will be  incorporating a doggy business card within the document, including an overview of each dog and even their favourite treat and music! 

The GSS QR code dog tag is a fun, engaging and unique experience with a serious message sat behind it.