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Everyone at GSS is passionate about what they do. Our collective mission is to identify risk, provide reassurance and keep people safe. Reassurance can take many forms, and during a cold winter deployment at a Central London theatre, one of our GSS superstars took this to another level. 

Nikki Walker was deployed at the theatre with her Explosives Detection Dog (EDD) Lucy. Having completed a search of the theatre, prior to the next show, Nikki was contacted by front of house regarding a distressed young boy in the auditorium. The boy, who was believed to have autism, had become very distressed prior to the show starting. Front of house chatted with the boy and his father, but could not calm him down.

Nikki introduced Lucy to the boy, encouraging him to say hello. He immediately began to calm down and engage with Lucy. Nikki described Lucy’s role at the theatre and explained how important she is to the show. This eventually led to the boy taking Lucy for a lead walk around the theatre. 

Nikki showed great compassion, empathy and patience in her dealings with the boy. Her intervention with Lucy clearly had a significant calming effect, allowing the boy to return to his seat in the auditorium and enjoy the show. His father was over the moon with the exceptional customer service shown by the whole team. 

This is a great example of a GSS colleague going that extra mile. Really well done Nikki and Lucy!!