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Reacting to a recent glut of requests for specialist surveillance and investigations services, we are delighted to announce that we have significantly bolstered our capabilities in this area, with our scope of services now including:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OS Intel)

In addition to:

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Covert Surveillance and Investigatory Services

Our investigators and surveillance operatives are all ex-unformed personnel with many years’ experience working in the UK and overseas. Our increased strength in this area now ensures that we have the resources and expertise to get to the truth in any case. As always, all investigative evidence is handled properly to ensure that resulting testimony is unquestionable. We use only ethical means to obtain information, from surveillance with state of the art equipment and industry leading methodologies to online background checks.

Given the vast quantity of information openly available online, during Open Source Intelligence work, our due diligence collection strategies go significantly beyond ‘Googling’ a name or confirming details with database records. Utilising open source information, media outlets, international forums, social media networks, closed databases and the deep web, we collect all targeted and relevant information in order to construct a full profile both personal and professional for an individual and/or company.

Close Protection:

In addition to this, we have been increasing our resilience in other areas of our offering via effective recruitment and aligning our business with market leading partners. As a result, we have any substantially increased ability to provide the high quality service support in the following areas:

  • Executive Personal Protection
  • Asset Protection
  • Residential Security Teams

Central to our offering in this area, is the supply and management of experienced male and female government standard licensed personal protection officers. We apply careful consideration when profiling our operators for each client, ensuring each possesses the necessary skills needed for a range of services required by our diverse clientele.

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