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We would like the opinion of all GSS staff regarding a potential new employee benefit scheme called Tech4U – that we are considering making available to you.

The Tech4U – Technology Scheme would see our staff given access to the latest tech-products on the high street, from the worlds leading manufacturers including Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba and more. Included in the scheme are mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PC’s, TV, stereo’s and many other household/domestic electrical appliances.

Using the scheme can mean that our staff can save up to 40% off the equivalent high street price, benefiting from the corporate pricing and finance rates made available to the company, not the high street rates you would need to pay if you hire/purchased the products personally. Also importantly, you won’t have to go through any intrusive credit checks.

Using salary sacrifice, you would agree to give up a portion of your salary in return for the technology benefit and your gross salary would be reduced to pay for your chosen products(s) over a 12 or 24 month period.

If we adopt the scheme, this benefit will be offered initially to PAYE members of staff only and credit/affordability limits will be set for each employee that wishes to access the scheme.

We’d like a basic show of hands please!

Can those who are interested in the scheme please email – before the 20th November 2017 please.

Based on levels of interest, we will make a decision on adopting the scheme and will communicate our decision via MyGSS.