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Doing our bit to save the cooked breakfast….

OK so another day another food scare. In the last 12 months we’ve read public safety notifications on everything from Salmon to Horse meat and now it seems that that staple of the British cooked breakfast/lunch/dinner (delete as appropriate) the sausage is at risk of contamination from the bacteria’s that cause Hepatitis E, if under cooked.

Well assuming that unlike me, you don’t like to incinerate your sausages to within touching distance of in-edibility, this latest scare will have you believe you are playing Russian roulette with your health if you dare for anything rare to medium in the cooking stakes.

OK so the study states the realistic figure of contaminated if under cooked sausages is 1 in 100 – but that is still too many for us!

So in an act not entirely devoid of vested interest, one of the more ‘scent sensitive’ animal members of our canine team has volunteered for bespoke training to detect HEV within uncooked sausages. Once trained, said team member can then be employed at meat processing plants and used to detect and remove contaminated sausages before packaging, meaning cooked breakfast lovers UK wide can go back to enjoying their calorific feast without fear of anything other than a bulging waistline.

One in 10 sausages and processed pork meat products in England and Wales could cause hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection if undercooked, experts warn.