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Security overhaul at Birmingham Airport after drunk prank

An unfortunate incident which has potentially massive repercussions, whilst no harm was done the potential for disaster is worrying; in achieving unchecked access airside it is just luck that this individual was without malicious intent, the story could have been so different.

Birmingham Airport has ordered an overhaul of its safety procedures after it allowed a man to breach security and board a plane via a baggage carousel during a “drunken escapade”. Lee Jezard managed to climb on to the carousel, make his way on to the tarmac and get aboard the Lufthansa aircraft. When he was accosted by cleaners on the Embraer 195 plane, he told them he was the co-pilot and that he was “in the Navy”. Jezard, 22, from Redditch, Worcestershire, has now been ordered to pay more than £500 in fines, costs and compensation by a court, after pleading guilty to three charges related to breach, which happened on July 17.…