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Thank you Mrs May

We all go about our lives worrying about the next mortgage payment, what we’re having for dinner or whether our team will win at the weekend.

It’s easy to pick faults in our ministers, their policies and their affects. I for one am pretty good at it.

Under what is a daily pressure to protect our country, its culture and its citizens, I do not envy Mrs May. In fact I have criticised her on a number of occasions.

I must reflect on my thoughts today, walking through central London: They involved dinner, the mortgage and Liverpool’s recent ‘run’ of wins. They were normal thoughts. My day was pretty normal.

My normal day signifies the successes of Mrs May and her colleagues. If she were failing, I wouldn’t have left the house, certainly not jumped on the Tube and not in a million years caught my flight.

When terrorists win, my thoughts will be preoccupied with fear, decisions and doubts. For now, my only thought is whether I can justify the word ‘run’.

Police and security services will get new powers as the UK faces a terror threat “perhaps greater than it has ever been”, the home secretary says. Unveiling a new counter-terrorism bill, Theresa May said the UK faced a security struggle “on many fronts”. Schools, universities and councils will be required to take steps to counter radicalisation. Internet providers will have to retain Internet Protocol address data to identify individual users.