Our Approach

In the current economic climate, the need for corporations and individuals to protect themselves and their brands has never been so important.

From disgruntled employees to organised crime, shrinkage to corporate espionage, our Surveillance and Investigations division consistently delivers results by drawing on many years of combined military, Police and commercial experience. We provide both covert and overt surveillance to gather intelligence to establish causes of fraud/loss/shrinkage and to identify suspects. We work with the police to initiate and support criminal investigations where appropriate. All our actions and activities are RIPA compliant.

We offer a range of services including protecting boardrooms from electronic listening devices by conducting technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM). We also provide operatives who can be inserted at any level from shop floor to senior management. Every one of our assignments is unique and is tailored to suit the objectives of each client. We provide the support to identify the cause of losses and see the results through to conclusion. This may involve liaising with the police forces and providing evidence at court. 

The Benefits
  • Reduction of stock loss and shrinkage
  • Identification and eradication of collusion, fraud and industrial espionage
  • Evidence gathering leading to successful prosecutions
  • Absolute objectivity and confidentiality
  • Fully RIPA compliant
Surveillance 1
Case Study
National Retailer

We provided a comprehensive service which led to the identification of a large-scale organised criminal enterprise. Over a three-month period, we gathered intelligence and evidence that led to the arrests and subsequent convictions of the key members of the group.

“We approached GSS to support our Crime Desk in identifying and bringing to justice an organised criminal network. Within a three month period, we received a comprehensive file detailing the workings of this network. This fully RIPA compliant file was then passed to SOCA to investigate. Arrests and charges were made as a direct result of GSS’s work”.

Client name and title are all confidential
(reference available upon request)