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Now we may be opening up a huge can of worms with this one – given that on any usual day at our office, there are a number of dogs roaming around and being adorable nuisances; but for those of us who have seen the animated movie ‘Up’ and wondered what it would be like for your own dog to be able to tell you how they are feeling. The wait is over, kind of…

Welcome to 2017, where you can now buy a dog collar that tells you exactly what is going on inside their furry little head (if there is much going on at all).

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but every owner has wondered if their canine companion secretly has a deep-seated hatred for them.

Now you can find out.

It is a world first in pet technology, the Kyon collar allows you to ‘communicate with your dog better than ever before’. If their movement levels are irregularly low, it will send you an instant alert that your dog may be feeling moody, unhappy or unwell.

If you aren’t with your dog, the mobile app allows you to receive alerts and track your dog on a map in real-time, so you can see where they are in the house.

Mostly useful to prove they spend 90% of the day on the sofa, rather than in their own bed. It also sends you guilt-inducing ‘I need a walk’ notifications.

Interested in monitoring your dog’s body temperature? The Kyon collar does that too, which is really useful to prevent overheating if a dog is left in the car or a hot pet carrier.

And if that hasn’t sold it enough, it can even prevent your dog from embarrassing itself in a dogfight. Pacifying technology has been included in the collar to emit a high frequency sound and stop them in their tracks.

We know a few humans who could use one of these too.

Thanks to Sophie Gallagher – Life writer at the Huffington Post UK for this content.