Our Approach

We provide dog protection handler teams to support or replace conventional security guards in situations where a security officer alone is not a sufficiently effective solution.

Did you know that a protection dog handler team can offer a highly effective solution for securing your business? These teams harness the unique abilities of dogs, such as their advanced sense of smell and hearing, as well as their exceptional night vision, to detect and deter intruders. Not only that, they are ideal to supplement or even replace traditional security guards, because the presence of a well-trained protection dog is often enough to deter criminals. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that your business is in good hands with a team of highly trained canines and handlers working together to keep you safe.

Why choose a protection dog handler team?

When it comes to protecting your business or home, a protection dog handler team is a highly effective option. These teams utilise the exceptional sensory abilities of dogs to detect intruders. Can you imagine having a nose 100,000 times more powerful than your own and being able to hear four times better than a human? That’s the kind of advantage that protection dogs bring to the table. And when it comes to night-time guarding, their night vision is also superior to that of a human security guard. By combining these unique abilities with the expertise of a professional dog handler, you can be sure that your business is in the most capable hands when it comes to security threats.

How can security dogs be deployed?

When it comes to deploying security dogs, the possibilities are endless. These versatile animals offer exceptional value for money compared to traditional security services that don’t utilise canine protection. Our teams primarily consist of ex-military and ex-police trained protection dog units, who are responsible for numerous detentions and arrests each month. These highly trained teams are not only capable of deterring criminals but also bring them to justice by securing convictions in the court. They are responsible for protecting a variety of Critical National Infrastructure, high-value, and high-risk assets, as well as assist and support door staff in enforcing entrance policies at venues and events. With the help of security dogs, you can feel secure knowing that your property and assets are in good hands.

How can dog patrols protect your business?

Dog patrols can offer a powerful layer of protection for your business. With the presence of a professional protection dog handler team, you can deter potential thieves and criminals from targeting your business. This is especially true for a variety of sites including distribution centers, unoccupied sites, and sites with heightened risks. These highly trained dogs possess heightened senses such as an exceptional sense of smell and hearing, making it virtually impossible for intruders to stage a surprise attack. Their keen senses combined with their training and the expertise of their handlers make them a formidable force in keeping your business safe and secure.

What kind of dogs do you use?

When it comes to our protection dog service, we use specially trained dogs that possess a unique set of skills, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each assignment. These dogs are different from the pet dogs you may have at home and even differ from other types of protection dogs such as explosive detection or drug detection dogs. We pay special attention to the socialisation, tracking, and containment skills of our dogs, as these skills are crucial for their effectiveness in keeping your business secure.

Our dog handler teams are composed of experienced professionals, primarily ex-police and ex-military, who have a deep understanding of security procedures and risks. This allows them to effectively train and handle our protection dogs to ensure maximum protection for your business.

Why choose GSS?

We understand the importance of keeping your business safe from potential threats. That’s why we offer high-quality protection dog handler teams as a solution to supplement or replace traditional security guards. Our highly trained and experienced teams have a proven track record of success in bringing criminals to justice and securing convictions in court.

Our protection dogs, carefully selected and trained for specific skills such as socialisation, tracking and containment, have unique sensory abilities that surpass that of a human alone.  Whether you are in need of protection for distribution centers, unoccupied sites, shopping centres or other high-risk assets, our versatile and cost-effective service is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Don’t just take our word for it, schedule a consultation with our team and we’ll provide demonstrations of our dog protection handler teams either at our training facility or on your own premises. Let us help you identify and address any potential risks you may have not considered before, and see for yourself the effectiveness and value our service can bring to your business.

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The Benefits
  • Improved deterrent: The presence of a security dog is often enough
  • Improved results: A k9 protection dog handler team is much more effective at containing suspects and reducing violent behaviours
  • Reduced cost: A protection dog handler team can do the job of up to 8 security guards – generating savings of £280,000 per year (based on 108 hours)
  • Reduced criminality: On our clients’ sites and in the wider neighbourhood
Protection Dogs
Case Study
National Grid

GSS were appointed to secure a 50 acre site in Manchester. The presence of large quantities of valuable metals meant this site was a prime target. There had been a significant amount of thefts from the site by organised criminal gangs. In many cases the mere presence of our protection dog handler team is a sufficient deterrent to make potential offenders move on to a ‘softer target’.

GSS deployed an experienced dog handling team, night vision equipment, perimeter intruder detection system and an all terrain vehicle. During our three-year engagement, the site has not been subjected to a single successful attempt, intelligence has been gathered and arrests have been made – all directly attributed to the work of the GSS teams.

“We appointed GSS as this site had been suffering significant losses over a long period. Their appraisal of the threat and the proposals they came up with really turned the approach to security on the site on its head. GSS’ proposals have resulted in a number of arrests. Since their appointment there have been no losses or thefts from the site”.

National Account Manager,
National Grid