Our Approach

We train and deploy specially trained detection dogs, honed on very specific scents to suit our customers individual requirements.

The capabilities of an accurately trained detection dog handler team are almost limitless, the outcomes effective and their cost savings impressive.

All dogs are certified under realistic test conditions to verify their effectiveness. Further information on our specialised capabilities is available on request.

Explosives Detection Dogs

GSS provides highly trained explosive detection dog teams to support the Home Office, Police and private sector.

We respond swiftly, carry out a full search of the location using our highly trained bomb dogs, remove the threat and allow staff back into the workplace as soon as it is safe to do so. This operation reduces disruption and loss of revenue.

Following an initial Risk and Threat Analysis, we provide recommendations on measures we consider should be implemented. This might include routine of random sweeps by our specialised unit of explosive detection dogs and bomb dogs.

Planned proactive searches are then carried out on a routine or random basis using our highly trained teams of explosive detection dogs and their handlers. We sweep areas for the presence of explosive materials and provide a high profile deterrent.

Reactive searches are targeted to counteract specific threats. These are carried out when intelligence indicates a heightened threat or in response to a tangible threat.

Drugs Detection Dogs 

We provide passive drug detection dogs (for people, queues or crowd screening) and proactive detection sniffer dogs (for offices and venues). Our canine sniffer dogs teams are accredited to NPCC Standards and train using the full schedule of Home Office substances (held under Home Office Licence).

Our services are integrated within our client’s substance abuse policy and have led to a reduction in theft, fraud and shrinkage. We provide this service to the police and regularly train our drug detection dogs on new illegal or ‘legal’ substances, e.g. spice.

Our officers are trained in conflict avoidance, ensuring we deliver our service sensitively. We provide urine, saliva and hair testing to support our findings with court admissible reports. We also offer employer and employee advice and support if a problem is discovered.

Specialised Detection Dogs

We have teams currently deployed to detect the following:

• Foodstuffs
• SIM cards and mobile telephones
• Pyrotechnics
• Human detection
• Bed bugs
• Currency

The Benefits
  • Dependant upon their chosen application, include:
  • Improved detection rates
  • Faster search process/shorter queuing times/reduced operational down-time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Greater flexibility in deployment and available search methodologies
Detection Dogs 3
Case Study
Department for Agriculture and Rural Development
Northern Ireland

Over the last five years, GSS have partnered with DAERA to train, develop and improve the effectiveness of the handlers and dogs, working from Belfast City Airport, International Airport,
Port and the Royal Mail sorting office.

Our role involves ongoing training and procedural development, statistical analysis, improvement planning and reporting to DEARA.

The effectiveness of Toby and Narla has been apparent, increasing seizures of illegal meat and dairy products smuggled into Northern Ireland.

Port veterinary officer (DARD)