Our Approach

We know that the unprecedented uncertainty of Covid will impact the way most businesses operate in the post-pandemic world.

Now more than ever, it is important to allocate resources where they count and reduce unnecessary cost. We can offer our most valued clients an opportunity to create both cost and operational/logistical efficiencies, enabling you to manage risks and operate through uncertainty.

Far from being ‘the dog company’, we have leveraged our wide network to offer a range of services to support you, wherever you need it, while continuing to provide the unique service quality and engagement that is the cornerstone of our service provision.

Our approach to Risk Management is one of a consultative partnership, which seeks first to clearly identify and then mitigate the risks posed to our clients’ people, property and reputation, backed with class leading personnel, services and products.

Importantly, this new service will help us to deliver our brand promise to ‘identify risk, provide reassurance and keep you safe’.

The Benefits
  • Strategic Security Planning: Engaging you and understanding the major risks to your organisation, subsequently ensuring that plans and procedures work to manage these risks, whilst supporting your organisations vision, mission and values
  • Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning: Development of crisis management plans, team structures and engaging critical stakeholders
  • Due Diligence: Helping you make informed decisions
  • Investigations: Managing complex investigations and preparing evidence for civil litigation, prosecution or injunctive action
  • Travel risk advice: Making sure wherever you go you have the information to keep you safe

Case Study

We aim to build on the ‘trusted partner’ status we now enjoy in our client relationships by helping you to become better prepared, making your organisation more resilient and more efficient. We want to be ‘in the conversation’ with you earlier, and in doing so understand the challenges you may face, enabling us to make informed recommendations, develop plans and processes, and deploy resources in the most efficient ways to keep you and your business safe.

James Dobson - Director of Risk Management and Protective Services