Our Pledge

We hope to use GSS as a springboard to make differences in people's lives - to make wholesale changes in the many areas of weakness that affect the industry: Depression, poverty, instability, stress and poor animal welfare are all high on our agenda.

Everything about what we do should be pioneering, considerate and aspirational. If we stand still, even for a minute, we’ll find ourselves caught up in the pack currently ‘chasing our tails’.

To stay ahead of the pack, we must treat our people with the respect that every person should be entitled to: Opportunity, independence, self-worth, a living wage and reward for going the extra mile.

Remaining relevant is key. We must constantly strive to meet our clients ever changing needs and the threats they face.

To do so, we must always listen, providing clients a platform to communicate seamlessly. Often, with rapid growth comes a distancing in relations and a feeling that you’re taking clients for granted.

Global Support Services approach to developing its organisation through developing its people takes into account some best practice evidenced in the Investor in People Framework. This is a great organisation, led and driven through 'sound professional and people orientated values` and has highly motivated staff determined to use its expertise and energy to develop and grow the sustainably and long term potential of the business.

Kevin Mellor - Investors in People Assessor