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We are really proud to announce our long-awaited third video, ‘The History and Biology of Detection Dogs’ which outlines how the dog’s sense of smell makes them ideal for detection.


Produced in collaboration with our partner the award-winning video and animation agency Bearded Fellows, this four minute video is our most ambitious video project yet.

It illustrates some of the ways the dog’s sense of smell has been utilised for detection through the years, how they are trained to ensure maximum detection rates and some of the many other exciting ways their abilities to detect are being used to protect us around the world. For anyone curious about how a dog’s sense of smell works, this video is essential viewing!

Regarding this latest video, Kevin Wootton – Business Development Manager said ‘All of our video projects have been absolutely brilliant to be involved with. Dogs have such broad appeal and we give huge credit to the team at Bearded Fellows for making our vision for these videos a reality. We had a vital contribution to this latest video from our friends in the Life Sciences Dept at Lincoln University, so big thanks to the team there! Thanks also to our clients and supporters who offered vital feedback on the draft versions of this video, you have helped us create a final version that we extremely proud of and we’re looking forward to sharing it with the world over the next few weeks!