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Next month (May 13th – 19th) plays host to Local Business Week, an annual event encouraging the British public to show their support for local business by visiting independent stores and buying local. The event also encourages businesses to get involved to help one another with access to advice and resources. 

*SME’s account for over 99% of UK businesses, contributing a combined turnover of more than £3,500 billion to the UK economy, so continuing to show support for small businesses has never been so important.

Our CEO Daniel Mailly, was a grateful recipient of the invaluable mentoring that the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program provides. In celebration of Local Business Week, Charlotte Keenan, head of Goldman Sachs’ Office of Corporate Engagement in EMEA, takes us on a journey around the UK to meet the innovative local businesses from 10,000 Small Businesses that are disrupting global markets with their ideas. 
Goldman Sachs are keenly celebrating Local Business Week, and recognizing some of the amazing local businesses all around the country that are driving forward the UK economy across every sector and in every region. Through 10,000 Small Businesses UK, they support high-potential small businesses as they grow and develop – creating new jobs and increased revenues for their local communities. This article looks at some of the best graduates from the programme who are innovating and disrupting global markets from towns and cities across the UK – and features Global Support Services