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We are excited to announce that we will soon be launching a bespoke incident management and intelligence reporting system.

Our new solution will be offered to our entire ‘direct’ client base and can be utilised by our tier 1 security/FM clients to illustrate the various risks to their client’s business continuity and security at a specific location. We are in beta testing phase with one of our clients at present.

Phase 1:

Our Asset Risk Profile Reports will assist the risk management decision making process by allowing our clients to identify more efficient and effective methods to preserve the integrity of their premises, safeguarding both personnel and on-site assets.

Phase 2:

A large proportion of the information contained with our reports will be extracted in real-time from a multitude of open sources, though phase two of the implementation will see the highly intuitive and bespoke-able incident reporting application associated with the system, rolled out to all GSS staff members.

Incidents that are reported by our field-based staff will be fed in real-time, to our operations dashboard which enhances the specificity the data contained within any reports subsequently produced.

The application includes time and attendance functionality and can be geo-fenced for use in a specific location. Naturally, it uses GPS to track staff member’s movements, so those days of officers taking a sneaky nap on the job are over (not that our staff would ever do that…)!

We will be communicating with all clients about this new feature of our operations mechanism in due course. For more information in the meantime or to request an example copy of our Risk Profile Report – please contact