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With the forthcoming changes to our senior team structure, we felt it a great idea to do some work with Andy Jenkins of Design for Performance Consulting LtdAndy has 20 years of experience as a Management Consultant, working with many organisations across a variety of industries, to identify and draw out the strengths of teamsmaking them more efficient and effective in their workplace(s). 

Andy set our Management Team on a pathway to understand our individual realised strengths, unrealised strengthslearned behaviours and our weaknesses. After doing some individual online questionnaires and 1:1 debrief sessions with Andy to understand our own profiles, we came together for a full-day workshop with the aim of developing a clear appreciation of each others strengths, our strengths as a team and just as importantly, what our weaknesses are. As a key output from the session, we are developing a plan that we hope will allow us to utilise our individual strengths to contribute towards our team performance and objectives.

Speaking about the program Andy Jenkins said:

“The GSS sessions focused on using individual strengths at work. Strengths are not only the things that you are good at, but things that are energising to use. Often when you use your strengths at work, you feel focused, productive and the work itself is almost effortless. There are lots of benefits to using your strengths, including higher levels of self-confidence, resilience, productivity and faster learning.

There were several common strengths amongst the group like problem solving, as well as individual differences including competitiveness. The key question to ask each other is ‘Do you do what you do best every day?’ ”

Matt Crofts, Regional Operations Director  said, “Having worked with Andy previously, I was confident that he was the perfect expert facilitator to work with and get the best out of us through these exercises. The team responded really well to the concept and put everything into it. The initial feedback on the outputs so far, amongst our Management Team has been excellent and we’re looking forward to developing our plans further to ensure we continue to get the best out of ourselves, both individually and collectively.