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Global Support Services (GSS) is honoured to work in support of Veterans Aid (VA).

VA is a UK charity that provides holistic and sustainable assistance to ex-service men and women who are struggling with life. The help VA provides includes (but is not limited to) the provision of food, new clothing and shelter; subsequent interventions might involve prolonged periods of counselling, drink/drug rehabilitation and medical treatment. Further support frequently involves education, retraining or the acquisition of a new skill. Help is then given to identify employment opportunities and, when they are deemed ready, individuals are helped to move into new homes – furnished and decorated by Veterans Aid.

Daniel Mailly GSS MD:  “We were introduced to VA through Bloomberg, which GSS works with via the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business initiative.  Bloomberg supports and partners with Veterans Aid and saw great synergies in the way we both worked with veterans, and made a valuable introduction.

Since my initial meeting with Hugh and his team, we’ve been fortunate to recruit a number of suitable candidates and look forward to both making some tangible differences to veterans lives and exceeding our client’s expectations with their exceptional work ethics.”

In 2015 VA saw 389 new clients, provided 22,000 nights of accommodation, homed 184 veterans, put 48 through rehab, 79 into training & education and found jobs for 64. The charity took 285 calls relating to Foreign & Commonwealth ex-servicemen and women.

VA CEO Dr Hugh Milroy said, “Veterans Aid is a frontline, operational charity committed to providing sustainable solutions to the problems of ex-servicemen and women in crisis – and that means ensuring that they have an income. For those veterans fit and able to work, and who are ‘job ready’, we operate a placement service that involves matching individuals with employers who understand their needs and value their skills.

“We choose our employer partners carefully and I am delighted that Global Support Services has become one of them. To date three former clients have been provided with jobs with GSS and we look forward to reporting on their progress.”