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After much discussion at our recent monthly senior management meeting (as usual!), we have decided to award Superstar of the Month Award – August 2019, with a bit of twist…

The owner of our deserving award winner(s) Nina Tanner, was also herself deemed very worthy of recognition for her outstanding day to day work at her regular contract assignment at Google in London. In addition, Nina also went ‘above and beyond’ in supporting both our client, Wilson James (WJ) and us at Google,  with practical demonstrations of our services to another prospective WJ client, resulting in our service being trial-mobilised at another prestigious central London location. 

Nina herself is a recent GSS Superstar Award and was also recognised by our client WJ, with not one but two awards in recognition for her contributions throughout August. In what is another first, her contribution was valued so much so, that the site manager at Google has been proactively in touch on several occasions to suggest we too provide some sort of recognition…

In breaking with tradition but staying true to our roots as a canine services company, we have decided to award the GSS Superstar(s) of the Month Award – August 2019 to Nina’s beloved explosives detection doggies, Raymond and Bosco! The award is recognition for their vital contribution in all of the above and is the first time (but perhaps not the last) that our four-legged friends have been recognised as ‘GSS Superstars’! 

Speaking of the award, Dave Pitt – Specialist Services Director said “It is great that Raymond and Bosco are recognised for their contributions to what has been a great month for both Nina and GSS. Nina’s dogs are a credit to her, both have unique personalities and are universally fawned over wherever they go!”

The GSS Superstar Award has become an integral agenda item of our Monthly Senior Management Meetings, during which each member of our senior team puts forward a case for nomination. While the debate is constructive (and usually fun), the final selection is never easy, as there are always award-worthy examples given of our team members exceeding the standards expected of them. So, while we can only issue one award each month, we want to sincerely thank all members of our team for their continued support and hard work for our valued clients.