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Ok that’s it, 2020 is done, over, gone! But before we bid the year a (not so) fond farewell, we had time to discuss our final GSS Superstar of the Month at our last monthly management meeting. As such, we are delighted to announce that the December 2020 Superstar of the Month is Protection Dog Handler – Michael Churchman.

Michael, who joined GSS in August 2020, is recognised for living our core value of Strive for Excellence.

There are abundant reasons Michael has been recognised for this award but they can be simply distilled as consistent excellence in both attitude and aptitude.  Whether it’s submitting comprehensive reports, changing personal arrangements to take on short notice shifts or being constructive in his communications with our team, professionalism and a willingness to help out permeates everything Michael does for GSS.

Speaking about the award, Matt Crofts – National Operations Director said: “Recognising our colleagues for the great work they do each month is one aspect of my role that I enjoy the most. It’s especially gratifying when I get to deliver the news to the recipient in person (or virtually this time – pictured). Michael’s clear appreciation of being recognised through this award further emphasises what we all feel about his attitude. He’s as passionate about dogs and as capable a dog handler as they come and we’re absolutely delighted to have him on Team GSS!”

The GSS Superstar Award has become an integral agenda item of our Monthly Senior Management Meetings, during which each member of our senior team puts forward a case for nomination. While the debate is constructive (and usually fun), the final selection is never (usually!) easy, as there are always award-worthy examples of our team members exceeding the standards expected of them. So, while we can only issue one award each month, we want to sincerely thank all members of our team for their continued support and hard work for our valued clients.