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With the year (and what a year) finally drawing to a close, for the last time this year it was time for us to reflect on some of the exceptional work our colleagues continue to to do for our valued clients and pick our penultimate GSS Superstar of 2020.

We are delighted to announce that November 2020 Superstar of the Month is Security Officer – Subin Gurung.

Subin, who joined GSS in September 2020 as part of a TUPE transfer, is recognised for living our core values of Unity (teamwork) and Reliability.

Subin has displayed constant professionalism and diligence in his role as front of house security officer/concierge at Premier House in Reading. His performance during the first four months of our contract has been integral in our achievement of both a seamless a seamless mobilisation, an average KPI score 0f 98% and has helped facilitate a further strengthening in the relationship with the client whom we support at Premier House.

Speaking about the award, Matt Crofts – National Operations Director said: “In the relatively short time Subin has been with GSS, he has proven himself to possess an attitude and aptitude consistent with that our highest performers. We have already received unprompted positive feedback from our client about him going the extra mile in the application of his duties and he courteously and warmly engages with all whom he comes into contact with both at Premier House and our head office team. Additionally this award should act as recognition to both officers on the core security team at Premier House, who have contributed in making this mobilisation so effective.”

The GSS Superstar Award has become an integral agenda item of our Monthly Senior Management Meetings, during which each member of our senior team puts forward a case for nomination. While the debate is constructive (and usually fun), the final selection is never (usually!) easy, as there are always award-worthy examples of our team members exceeding the standards expected of them. So, while we can only issue one award each month, we want to sincerely thank all members of our team for their continued support and hard work for our valued clients.