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We’re delighted to announce that our superstar for June 2020 is Protection Dog Handler, Florin Diaconu.  Florin’s performance is being celebrated for his commitment to our values of Reliability, Unity and Striving for Excellence.

Florin joined us earlier this year when the Covid-19 pandemic began to take hold in the UK.  Right since day one, Florin’s communication with Head Office has been tremendous, never failing to reply or respond to requests.

Florin has regularly moved from one deployment to another to support the wider GSS team effort, often travelling huge distances to get to and from work, and once there, he has done a great job, taking great pride in his profession – always looking the part!

National Operations Director Matt Crofts met Florin and Riza at one of Florin’s deployments, the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham City Centre, to present the award from a social distance and pose for a picture in front of the iconic bronze bull!  Matt said, “Florin hasn’t been with us very long, but in such a short time, Florin and Riza have made a fantastic impact on GSS, our clients and members of the public.  They are a brilliant team together, consistently upholding professional standards and really doing things in the GSS way.  I’m over the moon for both Florin and Riza!”.  Florin said that he was delighted and honoured to be recognised in such a way.

Congratulations Florin and Riza, you’ve made a massive impact!

The GSS Superstar Award has become an integral agenda item of our Monthly Senior Management Meetings, during which each member of our senior team puts forward a case for nomination. While the debate is constructive (and usually fun), the final selection is never (usually!) easy, as there are always award-worthy examples of our team members exceeding the standards expected of them. So, while we can only issue one award each month, we want to sincerely thank all members of our team for their continued support and hard work for our valued clients.