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We have had resoundingly positive feedback from all and sundry who have viewed our recent animated video on the history and biology of detection dogs.

The video, four-mins (just long enough to sup a warm cup of tea) can be split up into four components…

  • How detection dogs have been used historically
  • How a detection dog’s sense of smell works
  • How we train detection dogs to ensure maximum detection effectiveness
  • Some of the amazing ways detection dogs are used here and around the world

We got some help from our friends at Lincoln University for the biology section of course and have been really pleased by the feedback we have received from clients, supporters and others from around the world who have praised the video as educational, fun and non-salesy! Here’s hoping for another awards night out with the good folk at Bearded Fellows!

Put the kettle on and take a look if you haven’t already – and don’t’ forget to let us know what you think…