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Meet Cody – a beautiful male 3-year-old German Shepherd who has recently returned to the GSS kennels and is looking for a home.

As a protection dog – Cody looks and acts the part. His obedience is solid – he works brilliantly on the leash, has a great bite and will always leave on command. All of Cody’s training has been conducted using play techniques.

As such, Cody also has a very loving nature; he is loyal, willing to please and a lot of fun – so he’s not just a great protector but can become a member of the family and best friend to you.

In line with his personality, he would be ideal for any upcoming handlers who require the protection of a youngish powerful dog. Alternatively, Cody would make an excellent pet with the ability to protect the home and family.

His vaccinations are all up to date though he will require a vaccination booster in June 2017.

We are looking to sell Cody for c£3,000 but would entertain lower offers for the right home. Training can also be provided should the new owner look to bring him on as a pet.

For all queries related to the purchase of Cody – please contact ref Canine Dept.