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We implemented our self-service portal MyGSS back in September 2016 as we continue to strive to make the interactions of our field-based staff and office-based Operations Team as seamless as possible.  Most of our colleagues are using the portal successfully but given the success of our on-going recruitment efforts, we thought it useful to re-emphasise some of the key functionality of this platform.

With that in mind, over 3 months, we will feature some helpful information on each of the key functions of MyGSS.

Timegate APP or MyGSS Automated Call Logging System:

A key function of our operations system and vital to ensuring accurate payroll is maintained, to the benefit of all staff.

Please ensure that you book on/off and complete check calls following this process. If for any reason you cannot book on/off or complete a check call, please email the out of hours contact:

The contract number is the site identification number (SIN) – log into your diary on the My GSS portal and click on a shift to load the site details, including the SIN. Your PIN is your TG number.

The Time Gate App:

All staff should download the TG Staff App, this will allow you to book on, complete check calls and book off instantaneously without the requirement to make calls (as above). Please follow the instructions below:

1) Download the App

2) Log -in (use 295 as the database code) and your PIN

Log in to your site using the site identification number (SIN) which can be found on your shift diary by clicking on a shift. This will only work within the duty windows (-30 / +15 mins shift start)

GSS will be implementing Geo Fencing around all sites, therefore this App will only allow you to log in/out/check call when within a predetermined radius of set coordinates. The App links directly to GSS’ rostering systems and is one of our businesses key tool to maintaining an accurate payroll.

Our Operations Team will also be dispatching more regular communication regarding live or upcoming sites – to allow all GSS Team members to keep us updated with their availability and geographical preferences.