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Co-authored by Professor Daniel Mills of the University of Lincoln, our academic partners, a new book called Companion animal economics: the economic impact of companion animals in the UK, is due for release in December, provides a succinct, highly readable and thought-provoking case for increasing awareness of the potential economic impact of companion animals in the UK.

It discusses the potential benefits and costs of companion animals to the economy and highlights the need for the issue to be thoroughly researched given the potential scale of impact and the potential costs of ignoring this matter. The book includes:

  • Case studies to illustrate the savings to the NHS that might be associated with companion animal ownership.
  • Links to up-to-date tables illustrating the scale of different companion animal services in the UK, with content that might form templates for use in other countries.

Inspired by the seminal Council for Science and Society (CSS) Report, Companion Animals in Society (1988), this work updates and extends its evaluation of the economic impact of companion animals on society and lays a benchmark for future development. This pivotal new book is important for policy makers at national and international levels, as well as those with a wider interest in the role of dogs and other companion animal species in society

If you work for an organisation that might be interested in bulk ordering this important text prior to publication, please contact Caroline Makepeace at CABI for details and possible discount information