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London’s Calling….for qualified security dog handlers

GSS has secured an agreement to provide a team of protection dog handlers in support of the security requirement of a new long term service contract commencing on 1st April 2021. Last week saw us begin the promotion of the really exciting recruitment opportunities related to this new contract in central London.

Due to the unique nature of these roles we thought it would be useful to provide some general information for those who are thinking about applying:

Q. Where exactly is the role?

Our total operational area encompasses 80 streets (split into four patrol areas) anchored by Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street in central London. The area comprises around 600 UK & international retailers, restaurateurs, hoteliers and property owners in the world’s top shopping and leisure destinations.

Q. What does the role actually entail?

Outside of the usual requirement to deter criminality and anti-social behaviour through providing an overt visual deterrent, this role is all about ‘engagement’.

On any given day, you could be engaging with our client’s employees, their clients (retailers/hoteliers etc.), members of the public, the homeless, public bodies (such as charities or the local council) and the emergency services. This role has been described as very similar in scope to that of a police community support officer (PSCO) – though you will be working with a dog and it will be paid considerably more!

Q. I do not currently possess a dog handling accreditation, can I still apply?

In short, not at this time. The current UK COVID restrictions are preventing our usual network of training partners from providing appropriate courses so we are currently looking for fully qualified NASDU Level 2 (or equivalent) dog handlers who have been assessed as a team with their dog. 

Later in the year, once restrictions allow, we will be creating a training pathway to offer high calibre, new to the industry people an opportunity to attain the necessary accreditations required to work on this contract.

Q. The advert says I will be provided with an electric vehicle, what is the catch?

Outside of having to ensure that the vehicle is well maintained and cleaned (at least once a week) and that you have the ability to park it safely at home, there isn’t a catch! There are no wages deductions and the vehicle will be fully BS:8517-1 equipped. Additionally, because the vehicles are fully electric, no congestion or ULEZ charges will be incurred. It is also considerably cheaper to fully charge an EV than fill up an petrol or diesel van, so you will make considerable savings on commuting costs.

Q. What do I need to be a success in this role? 

Outside of the necessary accreditations and licences, you need to be highly motivated, passionate about the safety and security of the public, with excellent customer service skills. You will take pride in your appearance and how you present to the public. Your dog must be sociable and comfortable working in areas of high public footfall. You will need to be physically fit, a team player and possess an enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude.

For more information on this role or to apply, please send your CV to