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Client feedback is critical as it holds a mirror up to us, reflecting how our services are being received, how effective we are and how our teams on the ground are getting on.

The feedback we’ve received is encapsulated within our KPI results (running at over 98% for the year to date) but often it is the feedback where the client has reached out to make a specific comment that means the most to us and our team.  We endeavour to pass this feedback on at all times to the staff concerned, recognising them through our employee of the month award or a random gestures of goodwill. However, to summarise the feedback we’ve had over the last few months:

 Close protection assignment with multiple operatives for multi national, US based financial services company:

“You guys did great, the bosses back in the States are delighted.  Your team were incredibly well turned out – a really professional team that fitted our requirements perfectly”

–  Protection dog handler team for prestigious housing development in Central London:

“We have had nothing but positive feedback about the dog handler. She is very professional and seems to be working well with the security team,  helping with controlling the problems we are facing daily”

–  Explosives detection dog handler teams for global media entertainment company:

“Thank you for the support provided by you, the handlers and our four legged furry friends last night. It was a seamless operation alongside the police search dog team and our security and you managed it with great professionalism and style”

Protection dog handler team a Royal event:

“We can’t thank you and your team enough for the support you gave us over the past month. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, we absolutely felt we were in safe hands and everything was incredibly thorough from the outset. The paperwork was so meticulous and your office staff were brilliant in updating us at regular intervals.  We do hope we will be able to work with your team again soon, as your services were excellent throughout.”

Keep up the superb work you are doing Team GSS – we notice it and our clients most certainly do too!