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With Daniel and Kevin,  responsible for our sales and recruitment functions working at full-tilt recently, so our department is working to keep up in ensuring our business treads compliance everywhere our personnel operate and that they work in environments that are safe to do so…

Site-based Risk Assessments:

January 2018 has been a particularly busy month for risk assessment site visits – with one two day period seeing us conducting five full risk assessments on existing and new client sites including a tourist attractions, a west-end theatre, a luxury residential accommodation complex and a large (thirty acre!) abandoned manufacturing complex.

The increased influx of new personnel is brilliant in boosting our capability to support our clients security needs but brings with it its own challenges as we seek to adhere to both the strict expectations we place on operatives who work for us and the level of compliance expected of us by our clients, all of whom operated on high-risk sites.

Screening and Vetting:

I would like to give a reminder to all new staff of the importance of collaborating with us on any screening and vetting issues as unless you are able to successfully pass screening to BS:7858 standard – we simply can’t deploy you. Appreciating lots of our field based colleagues work nights – our seven day admin team are on-hand to assist with any queries, either after or just before you commence your shift.

Dog Handler Continuation Training:

In addition, although I am happy to report that on the whole, our Handlers are very diligent in maintaining our records through sending in their Continuation Training records, I don’t want complacency to set in and so would urge you all to maintain your monthly routine of sending us this documented evidence of your continued investment in maintaining your high standard as a working dog handler.

Investors in People Assessment – Update:

Away from my role as ‘The Process Policeman’ (as I am now know in our office), last month we wrote about our business embarking on a new Investors in People Assessment back in December. Our business opted for a full, comprehensive assessment which included both online surveys sent to all employees and telephone/face to face interviews with numerous key members of both our field and office based teams. At the time or writing, our assessor is busy compiling our assessment report, containing the results of our assessment and an road-map to improve anything the report highlights as a weakness within our business. I will provide a full update on the outcome of the assessment once we are in possession of the final report. I expect this will be ready to share in March 2018.

Accounts Department Reminders:

Please can team members ensure that expenses claims are received at by 5pm at the latest, each Tuesday. We do not like having to tell our valued teams members we can’t process these requests if not received on time – so please do not put us in that position!

Payroll – please refer any payroll queries to please do not refer these queries to Tree Accountancy.

Tech4U Scheme – Having listened to the feedback from our teams, we have decided not to pursue this initiative on this occasion.

Article written by Leigh Gillon – Risk Director (& Chief of the Process Police)