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To all our stakeholders,

The last month has been remarkable, we have seen in multiple cities, innocent lives lost and affected by unjustified and cowardly acts in the UK.

I wished to write an open note to expressly thank all of our staff for the manner in which they have gone above and beyond any expectations that I had of them over this period. It has been humbling to see the hours, miles and effort put in by the whole team to meet the demand of our clients in the face of increased risk.

I have witnessed the office team – those client facing, phone answering, email writing, solution finding – working long into the night and back in at the break of dawn, trying to schedule, cajole and recruit.  They have done a stellar job in ensuring that 99% of our clients heightened requirements were met.

All the effort would have been fruitless if it hadn’t have been for the team on the ground – those often lone working, risk facing, anonymous – responding so positively and supportively.    We had teams travelling across the country, rearranging childcare and holiday plans, working hours I couldn’t possibly put in writing and doing so without fuss or ill feeling.  Incredibly, not a soul asked for a premium for doing so, in turn allowing us not to pass one onto our customers.

I’ve been on the ground these last few weeks more than ever before and the overwhelming feelings I’ve received from the staff I’ve met is a sense of unity, patriotism and purpose.

The feedback I’ve received from all of our clients has been outstanding and all have been keen for me to let you all know how appreciated you are – I hope this goes some way in doing just that.

Kindest regards

Daniel Mailly