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We keep saying it and we will say it again…dogs truly are amazing animals. They are at the forefront of everything we do and we never cease to explore and develop innovations that will lead to us offering viable commercial solutions, that directly and effectively meet the challenges our clients face.  Employing either a combination of our specialist services or the incredible ability of detection dogs, we are currently engaged with a number of retail sector clients on initiatives to ranging from reduction of shrinkage to specialist products detection. Here are a few typical examples of those services:

Retail Distribution Centre Concept:

We have developed a DC security concept that utilises reception concierge, security officers and protection dog handler patrols that we believe reduces annual security spend by 20% – which can then be utilised on other specialist services to bolster the client’s loss prevention operation, such as surveillance and detection dog units.

Drug Detection Store Blitzes:

We have been conducting DC and retail store drug detection blitzes, sometimes deploying at multiple locations simultaneously. Our dogs are trained in all illicit drugs including new psycho-active substances such as methadrone and spice.

Explosive Detection Responsive Service:

We work with numerous national organisations providing a responsive, compliant planned or reactive explosive detection canine service. We operate to a response SLA of between 2-4 hours, with our handler’s teams despatched to inspect suspect packages and/or perform searches the clients’ premises, remove the potential threat and allow staff onto the premises as soon as it is safe to do so. The efficiency of this service reduces disruption to retail operations and therefore loss of revenue. This service is currently utilised by a major shopping centre operators, major retailers and financial services companies.

Electronic Goods Detection Dog Teams:

Our dogs can also be trained to sniff out unique chemical compounds emitted by electronic storage devices such as laptops, mobile phones, memory cards and flash drives. In the digital age, we now live, with the advent and adoption of all kinds of electronic detection equipment, it’s only dogs that are immune to potential acts of cyber-criminals who could seek out to disrupt the technology that is designed to keep our borders and premises safe.

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