Our Team

Daniel Mailly


I’m a fiercely devoted, hardworking and competitive individual who leads GSS with pride and commitment.

Prior to GSS, I studied accountancy before going on to run a property investment company in 2004. More recently, I founded and grew a renewable energy development company, which I sold my interest in in 2018 to redouble my efforts on GSS.

Having overseen award winning growth here since 2012, I’ve been astounded by both the accomplishments of the team and the exceptional support of our clients. This can be a challenging industry but it presents unprecedented opportunities and experiences to those who are prepared to innovate, work hard and drive standards.

I enjoy good food, wine and company. My hobbies include cycling, tennis and flying – none of which I’m particularly good at.

You have created an exciting business, shaped intimately around your vision and energy.

Richard Gnodde - Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs