Our Team

Daniel Mailly

Founder and CEO

I am a proud and dedicated leader of GSS, where I pour my heart and soul into every aspect of the company.

I have a background in accountancy and have been a successful property investor and entrepreneur, but nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment I feel leading GSS.

Since founding the company in 2012, I have been awestruck by the achievements of my team and the unwavering support of our valued clients. This industry may be challenging, but it also presents endless opportunities for those who are willing to push boundaries, work tirelessly and strive for excellence.  I take great pride in my work and it shows in the results we achieve.

When I’m not working, you can find me indulging in good food and wine, and enjoying the company of close friends. As for my hobbies, let’s just say I make up for my lack of skill in cycling, tennis, and flying with my abundance of enthusiasm.

You have created an exciting business, shaped intimately around your vision and energy.

Richard Gnodde - Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs