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A Fitting Farewell…

American over-enthusiasm or a fitting farewell?

We love anything to do with honouring dogs in service but we had to ask ourselves, from a neutrals perspective, if this was over the top?

Our conclusion…. no chance!

Any dog that forms a bond with its handler enhances not only its immediate family but the wider community also. When the dog is saving lives, recovering drugs or the cash they make, the dog is going to become a local champion.

Non-dog owners may not get it but those of us who either have pets, or working dogs, will know exactly what they mean to us and we can only find praise for West Deptford’s police dept. for setting the standard so high.

So bring on the moving send offs and let’s see the UK adopt such touching farewells for its brave working dogs.

Chewing his favorite toy and surrounded by devastated police officers, this is the heartbreaking tribute made to a veteran K-9 just before he was put down. The nine-year-old German shepherd named Judge was driven to Swedesboro Animal Hospital in Woolwich Township, New Jersey on roads flanked by saluting canine cops. His handlers questioned whether he would be strong enough to make it to the door, following years of deteriorating health problems…