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Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

One key word here – Legacy.

The awareness week is a fantastic opportunity to bring to the publics attention the real threat that we face day-to-day. It is a fact of life that as time passes, memories fade. Memories of 9/11, 7/7 or April 1999 (see!), are now a distant memory for most.

With a week of high publicity, ministers speeches, police on the streets and extensive news coverage, you would expect a sizeable take up from the public. There’s one problem however, memory.

Rather than lasting a week, why not expend it to a month or a year? The funds that are being invested in troops, aid and equipment are astronomical. One idea could be to reallocate some of these resources into a continued awareness programme, capturing far more of the public and delivering a far more concise message. My fear is that this week will come and go, with little legacy.

Scotland faces a “real and current” terrorist threat police have said, as they launch a week-long initiative to counter extremism. Officers are preparing to brief businesses across Glasgow and the west of Scotland in counter-terrorism and crime prevention to help them step up security.…