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Drugs at University…a right of passage?

An article we found fascinating. So, are students going university to learn about their chosen subjects or about the world of mind altering substances? Both appears to be the answer.

Is dabbling in the world of drugs a right of passage for students? Is it expected? How do parents feel about sending their children to University knowing this? How do the Universities view these stats? Are their policies and procedures reflective of this statistic or do they bury their head and hope that it goes away?

University is widely considered a breeding ground for exploration: Drugs, sexuality or, believe it or not academia all fall under this banner.

If as many degrees came out of Universities as drug users and STD’s…. This got me thinking and leads to an interesting correlation of statistics….

The amount of students leaving the Liverpool Universities with a first class honours degree…. 18%

The amount of students leaving the Liverpool Universities without trying an illegal drug…. 21%

Could this be a coincidence?

In all seriousness, if Universities do not address this issue, providing overt support and communications to students, there could be serious consequences.

Many savvy recreational drug users now take a small testing kit out with them to enable them to know what it is that they’re buying on the street. Perhaps Universities handing these out would be a start?

We work with a number of Universities and colleges that recognise this issue and will not tolerate drug use on their premises – whether halls or on campus – leading to a dramatic reduction in the use of illegal substances on site. Combine this with support and education and there may be a slow shift in the right direction.
A new study has revealed which UK universities’ students are the most experimental when it comes to taking drugs. Online student newspaper, The Tab, polled 8,000 students across Britain. And the research found that the druggiest institution is the highly-regarded, ‘red brick’ University of Manchester, with 85% of its students admitting to trying drugs.…