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As fascinating as this article is, it seems reminiscent of a conversation with my mother when I was about 6.

Without detailing the colour(s) of the clothes (tracksuit), make (Adidas) or style (80’s funk), I clearly remember my mother telling me that life is just a big cycle, with most things evolving, only to return to how they were 30 years earlier. I laughed it off as another nonsensical comment (I may have been laughing at the hair come to think of it).

We’re living in the information age – no one talks anymore. They tweet, poke or update their status. Indeed, we’re slowly losing the ability to hold a coherent conversation, instead relying on 140 characters to make our point, congratulate or bemoan.

Whilst this research is, at its heart, absorbing, it’s stating the obvious. The fact that we require a team of researchers to tell us that the best way to glean information is by speaking to someone would make my mother tweet with joy.

A new study says that asking airline passengers open-ended, conversational questions is 20 times more successful at catching deceptive passengers than the screening method traditionally used in the U.S. and other countries.…