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GSS Mission, Vision and Values Day….

Morgan James Consulting were brought in to help us to develop a compelling new mission, vision and set of values statements, engaging the company’s management population in the co-creation of a framework that would see the business through the next stage of our growth. Recognising that the original ones came from the creative minds of only two of the directors, our MD Daniel Mailly wanted to follow through on his intention to build a more engaged team that is ‘passionate about what we do’ and truly lives out it’s values. Daniel said,

“Bringing the managing team away for the day and giving them the space to test out ideas, think creatively and really challenge each other in a safe environment has been a game changer for us. The ambiance, the service which catered for our every need and the creative space, coupled with Morgan James’ expertise in bringing together the mind-set of every manager in our business gave us a fantastic opportunity. We were truly able to look at ourselves and get to grips with what we stand for, what makes us different from the competition and where we want to be in 5 years’ time.”

The company has used the day as a real catalyst for change. It has really given the whole business a united understanding of where the company is going and, most importantly, the role that each individual will play in achieving the vision. There are plans to engage again with Morgan James Consulting soon to plan the next steps of our exciting journey!