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This is a case of poor planning.

GSS attend a number of warrants across the UK, where it is necessary to humanely control dangerous animals. Over the past year, GSS have attended to over 400 warrants involving dangerous dogs.

Properly planned and equipped, all of the 400 dangerous dogs were safely handled, held in a safe area whilst the warrant was executed and returned back to where they were found.

It is absolutely unacceptable for any member of the police to attend a known drug dealers property without the correct equipment. Stabbing a dog to death, when it was protecting its home is brutal and completely unnecessary.

A dog will naturally protect its home and the Police should have planned for this circumstance.

A dog has been stabbed to death by a Met police officer during a drugs search in Lewisham, south-east London. It happened after police executed a drugs search warrant on a property in Lonsdale Close, at about 06:20 GMT. A trainee detective constable, aged 39, was bitten by a dog which clamped its jaws onto his leg, police said.…