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VoIP…connecting you with your pet!

£100 a pop – cameras, managed by smartphone!

A great novelty for pet owners, a great tool for highly competent dog trainers or a dangerous tool in wrong hands.

Looks like great fun to us, we’ll be investing in one but….

Dogs will not make the link between their collars speaking to them to the purpose of your call. Indeed it may cause distress, restlessness and bad behaviour. Unless the dog is trained using the collar (and it’s not easy), the talking feature is pretty irrelevant.

Back to the fun…

Doggie selfies, home made videos with the neighbours dog (or cat if he’s that way inclined) or simply seeing life through a dogs eyes! For £100.00 you cant knock it.

Want more from a pet tracker than just a GPS location? The Motorola Scout 5000 from Binatone doesn’t just tell you where your pet is — it’ll show you a live video stream and even let you talk to your roaming loved one.